Nsi – Natural System Implants

NSI Implant is an Italian company that manufactures and distributes state-of-the-art dental implants, aimed at facilitating the work carried out by surgeons.

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NSI is an Italian company founded in 2008 that designs and manufactures technologically advanced dental implants.

NSI brings forward extraordinary dental implants: the only ones that need one single calibrated drill to prepare the implant site. The advantages are foreseeable: faster and easier work for surgeons, trauma reduction for patients. NSI has achieved a result that had never been obtained before in terms of functionality, quickness and aesthetics.

The attention paid to detail, the precision that is generated between functionality and aesthetics, the connection between practicality, beauty and quality are the principles thanks to which the made in Italy has become famous all over the world. NSI carries these characteristics, subjecting all its products to the strictest checks, well beyond CE standards. Each single product is subjected to a structural analysis; the decontamination and washing phases are carried out in controlled aseptic settings; packaging is performed in ISO 100.000 clean room; and this is followed by an additional treatment with GAMMA rays.

The total integrity of our products is guaranteed by the accurate and thorough procedure adopted in our plant. All processes are carried out in controlled aseptic settings: from the decontamination and washing phases up to packaging, which is performed in a room with ISO 3 controlled contamination. Our certifications: CE 0425 Certification by ICIM

  • NSI Reg. No.: MED 29010 CE 0425 issued by the ICIM certification body
  • Mechanical tests on NSI IMPLANTS conducted at Cermet laboratories CE 0571 CE 0476 Certification by ICIM

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